Feb 28

The University of Geneva’s i2i Hub and the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) have the pleasure of inviting you to the second session of the UNIGE – UNOG Conversations with Academia.

In today’s changing environment International Organizations (IOs) are embracing innovation strategies. Geneva, the operational centre for many IOs, has become a hub for best practices in innovation and several organizations are implementing new structures, mirroring efforts of leading private companies and NGOs.

Feb 25

Have you ever accepted a plastic bag in a grocery shop even though you have a stash at home, or flown to a meeting that you could have participated in remotely? You are not alone!

Feb 18

This session explores risk-taking in the UN system. How can we take more risks in our decision-making, in support of an agile workforce and organization? When we take no risks at all, nothing can be achieved. Yet, there is also a point where risks outweigh rewards, and the “risk appetite” needs to be set at various organizational levels.

Feb 14

On Valentine’s Day, join us for an interactive lunchtime session with the United Nations Information Service and find your communication match! UNIS will guide you through the UN's communication priorities for this year, before giving you the chance to propose your multimedia or communications ideas and questions, with instant feedback from the UNIS team.

Dec 03

Featuring: 3 December – English: The Kite Runner (USA, 2007) Dir. Marc Forster. Length: Language VO. English. Subtitles FR.

Nov 22

Featuring: 22 November – Arabic : Al Ard - The Land. (Egypt, 1969). Dir. Youssef Chahine. Length: 130 m. Language OV Arabic. Subtitles FR

Nov 08

Featuring: 8 November –Chinese: Beijing Bicycle- Shiqi Sui De Danche. (CH, 2001). Dir. Xiaoshuai Wang. Length: 113m. Language OV Mandarin, Subtitles FR

Oct 25

Featuring: 25 October –  Russian: Loveless. (Russia, 2017). Dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev. Length: 127 m.  Language OV: Russian. Subtitles FR.

Oct 12

Event with Bianca King/OCHA on Be the Master of your Mind

Oct 11

Featuring: 11 October – Spanish: Los insólitos peces gatos / The Amazing Catfish. (MEX, 2013). Dir. Claudia Sainte- Luce. Length: 1h. 29 m. Language OV Spanish. Subtitles FR