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Sep 27

Come and meet members of the club and participate in an interactive, facilitator-led workshop where you can learn how to create your own written work with tips from a professional perspective.

Aug 29

More and more often, leaders and senior-level staff are required to record video messages for events in which they cannot personally participate.

Jul 11

Join us for this session, curated by the Staff Counsellor’s Office at UNOG, to learn about  crafting a healthy workplace. Guest speaker Dr. Liza Jachens will explore what we know about stress and buffering stress in the workplace.

Jul 10

Presentation “Through the Eyes of a UN Intern”
Presentation “Practical Advice to Grow within the UN System”
Lively interview of Directors & Q&A with the audience

Jul 09

This session will focus on the particular challenges and opportunities that arise in the world’s most diverse work environment.