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Nov 04

Join us at the Commons for an interactive discussion and networking session on creating partnerships.

Oct 17

During the engagement sessions held with staff earlier this year, UNOG staff members called for a forum to be established where ideas could be freely pitched and assessed.

Oct 09

Les esperamos en el acto organizado por “Commons” durante la Semana del Español para participar en una conferencia interactiva.
¿Cómo resistieron los intelectuales españoles, autores, artistas y dramaturgos, una opresión de 40 años de dictadura franquista?

Oct 08

Many of the technological and social trends in motion today will have a great impact over the next 30 years.

Oct 03

Please join us for this Information Session on Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA)

The necessary dial-in details will be provided a few days before the event to allow telecommuting staff to participate.