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Dec/10 12:30 - Dec/10 14:00

Library Events Room (B.135)
1st Floor, B Building,
Palais des Nations

Recognize how a fear of flying can develop, and take away strategies to overcome this fear for yourself or others.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 12:30 to 14:00

Library Events Room (B.135)
1st Floor, B Building,
Palais des Nations

This session, led by the OCHA Staff Welfare Unit, is designed to bring insight and advice to those with a fear of flying, as well as those who wish to support others who
are anxious about flight travel.

Alex Gervash, the founder of the Flying Without Fear center and emotional intelligence development center will guide the session, looking at the psychology behind the
fear of flying, how this fear can impact quality of life, aviation terms and occurrences that could cause anxiety (such as turbulence), and how to develop coping strategies
for managing this fear, either for oneself or to support others. Please join us for this opportunity to learn and take away practical advice and approaches.

This event is held at the Knowledge & Learning Commons, in collaboration with the OCHA Staff Wellbeing Unit.