HiStories - A Mirror of Multilateralism: Cartoonists at the League of Nations to Today.

HiStories - A Mirror of Multilateralism: Cartoonists at the League of Nations to Today.

Welcome to HiStories, an online video series where we delve into the history of modern multilateralism. In each episode, we explore different aspects of the evolution of international cooperation, as we speak with a range of experts and historians, and consult some of the incredible archival documents held by the UN Library & Archives Geneva.  

In this episode, we look at political cartoons and their role in multilateralism from the time of the League of Nations to today. Cartoons and caricatures, often satirical and provocative, can provide keen insight and reflection on international issues. Can they help us to better understand our world? How have the work and the role of cartoonists changed over time? What can cartoons tell us about multilateral cooperation? 

Join us for this insightful episode, and get started on your research journey through the resource links below! 


- Corinne Momal-Vanian, Executive Director of the Kofi Annan Foundation, member of the Advisory Board of the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation. 

- David Macfadyen and Stefan Slater, co-authors of Political Cartoons of Derso and Kelen: Years of Hope and Despair. 
- Explore the Archives online at the UN Archives Geneva platform: https://archives.ungeneva.org/ 

- Have a question about this episode or another research topic? You can Ask an Archivist! https://ask.unog.ch/archives  

- Find all episodes of our HiStories series here on our Youtube channel

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