Journey to the Summit of the Future - Episode 2 - Paul Ladd

Journey to the Summit of the Future - Episode 2 - Paul Ladd

Episode 2 of the Journey to the Summit of the Future features Paul Ladd, Director of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). 

In 2023, UNRISD marks 60 years since its founding as an autonomous research institute within the UN system. Paul Ladd shares the history of UNRISD, and how it continues today to evolve and provide critical research and knowledge on social development for the UN to reduce inequalities and extreme poverty worldwide. 

He also breaks down the meaning of social development, and why we need to move beyond GDP to capture measures of progress that people find important in their lives, from up-to-date job skills to a safe and secure environment, green spaces, and a future for their children. 

And, he shares why the world needs a new eco-social contract to reflect the changing world we live in, and ensure a more inclusive, ecologically sensitive future for all. 

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