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Have you ever had the feeling of being slightly overwhelmed with the number of conferences and meetings happening at once in international Geneva? Even though life in Geneva might be a little more quiet on the conference side just now, it won’t be long before we will be back catching up on some of the meetings that could not take place during the COVID-19 lock-down.

At the Commons, we used our time over the past weeks and months to compile a new resource, the Conference Primers. They provide rapid access to the best lookaheads and conference summaries in all key thematic areas covered in Geneva. We included advice of experts working in the relevant fields and our own research at the UN Geneva Library & Archives Geneva.

Much in the spirit of the Commons, this platform is geared to growing further. Please use the links on any of the thematic pages to submit and add your own best conference summaries and resources.

Outcomes of Geneva-based conferences are important for all of us – diplomats, UN staff and interns, as we have to report to supervisors, capitals and adjust our daily work to the latest discussions and insights. Sharing our resources, will allow all of us to become even more effective.

Here is the link: https://libraryresources.unog.ch/conferenceprimers.

Hope you find it useful and, as usual, your ideas and suggestions to improve it are all welcome!

Conference Primers