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Sep/16 12:00 - Sep/16 13:00

This is an online MS Teams Live Event. Click on the link to enter the event: https://bit.ly/3hYrQcL


Come and join us for the first session of our HiSTORIES series... The League of Nations Essentials. Shedding New Light on the 1st Global Multilateral Organization.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00

This is an online MS Teams Live Event. Click on the link to enter the event: https://bit.ly/3hYrQcL




1. Dispel some misconceptions about the League, primarily: was it only a failure?

2. Learn of its innovations and key achievements; 3. Understand the differences and continuities between the League and the UN.

4. Learn why the legacy of the League is still important 100 years after its establishment.

If you missed the session, the recording is available at: https://bit.ly/3hYrQcL. The slides of the session are also found here on this page.

In addition, to access the resources and website links mentioned in the session (such as the Centenary website and the Ask an Archivist resource) please find the dedicated webpage for the HiSTORIES series here: http://libraryresources.unog.ch/commons

Finally, to listen to The Next Page podcast episode Genève et multilateralisme, mentioned during the session, click here: https://bit.ly/2FG0jPg

One hundred years after its establishment in Geneva, the League of Nations deserves to have its full story told! Based on research done in recent years, we will dispel some persistent myths and misconceptions about the League of Nations.

We will share the real story of the League as a first experiment in multilateralism, its many successes and legacies, and why it ultimately failed in its core mission to preserve world peace.

You will learn of the groundwork the League laid for the United Nations, some of its key achievements that still shape the world and make it a better place, and what parts of the League survive to this day. And we will tell you how to access the knowledge and resources about the League - both primary and secondary sources - right here at the UN Library & Archives Geneva.