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The Knowledge & Learning Commons is a space to collaborate and share knowledge on issues of multilateralism and professional development, and is designed for UN staff, diplomats and interns across UN Geneva.

If you would like to find out more or have something you’d like to share at the Commons, please contact us at commons@un.org. We strongly encourage and support multilinguism, please do not hesitate to suggest activities in any of the 6 UN official languages.

The following are the guided time requirements for programming a learning session at the Commons:


Concept Note

What is the purpose of this informal learning session? What are the key learning objectives (one to three objectives encouraged). What is the format you envision? And, what ways will you make the session interactive for participants? Who are the speakers? Please note that all sessions are currently held online. Deadline: 3 months before the event.


Date of the session

The month and proposed approximate date (for example, the week of 12 October).

Deadline: 3 months before the event.


Text for communications

A brief paragraph describing the event, the names and titles of the speakers, and the key learning objectives for the session.

Deadline: 10 weeks before the event.


Event Scenario 

Detailed event summary with the time and duration, date, order of speakers, time planning of the session, as well as confirmation of the  materials, resources and interactive elements.

Deadline: 10 weeks before the event.


Interactive elements and Resources

The tools and elements for interacting with participants are finalized. For example, all details and content for an online SLIDO quiz or poll. In addition, all content to be used during the event, such as slides, videos, audio, etc. finalized and sent to the organisers for testing.

Deadline: 2 weeks before the event.


Online rehearsal

Three rehearsals with all speakers present are essential.

The first technical test, 4 weeks before the event: The second, one week before the event and a final dressed rehearsal, one to two days before the event. 

Here we go....

We look forward to receiving your proposals, ideas and contributions.

Photo from an event