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Jun/17 16:00 - Jun/17 17:30

To watch the recording, visit: https://youtu.be/NFzSSuxIrak






Join us at the Commons as we learn from UNIGE students about ways we can reinvent global cities, and vote for your favourite projects! 


Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

To watch the recording, visit: https://youtu.be/NFzSSuxIrak






As part of the C40 global competition for reinventing cities, students from the University of Geneva’s Master in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability, jointly with students from the Universities of Bogotá, Chicago, Dakar, Patras and Reykjavik, will share their vision for green and thriving city neighbourhoods.  

Coached by academic advisors, students and their peers in their selected cities have imagined a more green and inclusive vision by rethinking how neighbourhoods are planned, designed and lived. In this session, a panel of experts will provide feedback on their proposals, while the audience gets to vote for their favourite projects!