Middle Powers and the Evolution of Multilateralism

Middle Powers and the Evolution of Multilateralism

Middle powers play a critical role in the maintenance and shaping of the world order, by leveraging their diplomatic, economic and normative influence. They often act as mediators, champions of multilateralism and advocates for international norms, contributing to a more stable and equitable global system. Their ability to bridge gaps and build coalitions makes them important actors in addressing global challenges and conflicts. 

This event explores the role of middle powers and the evolution of multilateralism through the views and experiences of three invited experts.  

Joining us for this session are:


Fanny BADACHE, Postdoctoral researcher, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding - Geneva Graduate Institute, Research associate, Global Governance Centre - Geneva Graduate Institute, Associate member, Centre d’histoire internationale et d’études politiques de la mondialisation - Université de Lausanne  
David CHIKVAIDZE, Associate Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, former Chief of Staff, United Nations Office at Geneva  
Miras ZHIYENBAYEV, Researcher, and expert of the Department of European and American Studies at the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies, author of “Widening the Scope, how middle powers are changing liberal institutionalism” 


Francesco PISANO, Director, UN Library & Archives Geneva  

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Event details

1.00 p.m. Geneva CET
2.30 p.m. Geneva CET
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Event moderator

Francesco PISANO

Event location

Library Events Room, LER (B.135), First Floor, B Building
UN Library & Archives Geneva, Palais des Nations 


Practical information

This was an in-person event. No recording is available. 

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