Hack the Hackathon

Hack the Hackathon

How Civic Hacking can Help Build the Future of International Organizations and Multilateralism?

What is the future of multilateralism? And how can it evolve to be more inclusive, accountable, and participatory? This full-day workshop, designed in collaboration with Open Geneva, explored how civic hackathons can contribute to solving our collective global challenges, and to find solutions for how multilateralism can grow and assure a future of coming generations.  

Join us for open discussions, workshops, mini hackathon, and keynote reflections from a diverse range of experts. We invite you to share your skills, experience, and thoughts to contribute to the future of multilateralism.

Joining us for this session were: 


Thomas MAILLART, Representative OpenGeneva 
Francesco PISANO, Director, UN Library & Archives Geneva

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Event details

10.00 a.m. Geneva CET
4.00 p.m. Geneva CET
Event moderator

Francesco PISANO

Event location

Library Events Room (B.135)
Building B, 1st Floor 
Palais des Nations 


Practical information

This was an in-person event. No recording is available.