How To: Navigate the League of Nations Archives

How To: Navigate the League of Nations Archives

Are you a history enthusiast, a researcher, or simply curious about the world's past diplomatic efforts?

Today, the entirety of the League of Nations archives – which corresponds to about 3 linear kilometers or 14 million pages – are available through the UN Archives Geneva Platform. The UN Archives Geneva platform holds a wealth of information from the League of Nations era, and in this video, we will guide you through the digital corridors of how to access the Archives repository. 

Our easy-to-follow steps will cover: 
- An overview of the organization of the League of Nations archives 
- How documents can be consulted, either online via the UN Archives Geneva Platform or physically in our reading room, if not digitized. 
- Guidance on archival material that are not formally part of the archives of the League, but which can be useful for your research. 

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