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At present, the way we work is undergoing big changes, calling for our flexibility and adaptability. Companies and organisations around the world have made the move from the usual workspace to the home office, which for many of us brings new challenges in how we work and live. While the work continues, it is important to bring structure to our days and to also take the time to keep learning and growing. There is a fantastic opportunity to take the time to learn and develop new skills! Here are just a few to get you started:

Library and Archives Research Guides

There are many resources available online to all UN staff, interns and diplomats which can be found through the Library and Archives Research Guides. There are a range of research and resource topics there, from the Sustainable Development Goals, to Human Rights and Women in Global Diplomacy. We invite you to explore these and dive in to a topic that interests you!

Keeping a Healthy Mind: online recording

The Commons is also working with the team at the Staff Counsellor’s Office at UN Geneva, HRMS to create online recorded sessions to help us with practical ways to support our well-being and mental health. The recording of the 24 March 2020 session on Keeping a Healthy Mind can be found via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULlDdilzaO4&feature=youtu.be

Learning Online and Tele-working Resources 

Here are some other resources to help us learn and improve, both for our professional and personal development, as well as for how we work online:

If you have any ideas for learning sessions or resources that you would like to see at the Commons or any feedback please email commons@un.org!